My Autumn bucket list!

With September coming around and bringing along some very autumnal days, I am as ready as ever to welcome this new season. Fall is definitely my favourite time of the year and having lived through one of the worst summers ever I can’t wait to dive into the autumnal spirit and do the most of… Continue reading My Autumn bucket list!

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The future terrifies me – and it’s okay

One of the things about anxiety I often think about is how it makes it so hard for me to accept that feeling nervous and scared sometimes is okay. I struggle to differentiate between situations that are just, let's say, all-in-my-head, and situations that would make anyone feel stressed out. I am always feeling so… Continue reading The future terrifies me – and it’s okay

The Anxiety Chronicles

Taking a master’s degree?! | The Anxiety Chronicles

  As I mentioned in a previous post, I completed my undergraduate degree in International relations and Human rights in November 2017. University was one of the most challenging and emotionally draining experiences I have ever put myself through, and there were times I honestly thought I would quit because everything felt like it was… Continue reading Taking a master’s degree?! | The Anxiety Chronicles