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Mid-Novermber days, flower shops and cafes | Diary #03

It’s finally gotten colder and it feels like winter is right around the corner. This morning when I woke up the temperature barely reached 2ºC. The sky is grey and it looks like it might even snow. This type of weather… it’s weird, it makes me feel both lonely and very serene at the same time.

After spending weeks locked up in my bedroom, wearing pyjamas all day and studying at my desk, during the past few days I have forced myself to go out more and do something different than just trying to memorise stuff about economics and stressing myself out. I went shopping, and ended up spending more money on cakes than clothes (mainly because I found some awesome deals on a few pieces of clothing, but still).

On Saturday morning, my mom and I took a little trip to a town nearby and, after getting coffee and pastries at a lovely cafe, we made our way up the hills and spent some time at the most beautiful flower and plant store. It’s one of those places I love to go to when I really need to de-stress and forget about the outer world. I was feeling so excited walking among all those gorgeous flowers. I would honestly spend entire days in there. Even more now that the Christmas market has opened and a whole area of the store has been turned into a huge Christmas village. Being only November, however, I resisted the temptation of going to have a look and promised myself to go back in a couple of weeks, once the Christmas spirit really kicks in and I can enjoy it to the fullest. I did have a lovely little chat with the pony (jokes, he was super sleepy :’) ) in the farm animal area though, and cried for a good while in the candle section because the fall collection was just SO good (yes, we ended up spending 30€ on a “oatmeal cookie” scented candle and I can assure you all that it’s the best money I have ever spent).

On our way back home, we took a longer route through the woods to admire the colourful autumnal trees and fantasize over how amazing it would be to buy an old cottage in the countryside and turn it into a bed&breakfast, having guests and baking pies for them every day. We stopped to buy cheese from a local farmer, because I planned on trying a new pasta recipe on Saturday. It turned out amazing and I will probably share it on here soon, as I am totally obsessed with it. Little spoiler: pumpkin. Creamy pumpkin sauce *heart eyes*.

Last week I blogged about how I was feeling constantly unmotivated and tired and how I wanted to do better. I think I did well these past few days, and I don’t feel as upset now. I think I really need to just force myself to get out every once in a while and forget about university for a couple of hours, or even days. For instance, after getting frustrated over notes about financial crisis and monetary institutions for the whole afternoon, last Friday I closed my textbooks and cleaned my desk, threw on a thick winter jacket and took a late night walk to the public library. I sat on a chair in a corner for a good while, reading a Murakami book I picked up and feeling cosy, relaxed and not so hopeless. After all, responsibilities are important, but so is happiness, and probably even a little bit more.

8 thoughts on “Mid-Novermber days, flower shops and cafes | Diary #03

  1. Yes, it’s so important to have a balance between the “real life world” responsibilities and your happiness! I’ve fell through with that before when I was in college and I didn’t pay any heed to my body or happiness and I ultimately paid for it with my health later. ALSO, your pictures are always so lovely, I love the pictures of your coffee and little treats next to it 😆


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