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Of teeny tiny local fairs and feeling of belonging | Diary #01

Sunday was an especially relaxing day. I wasn’t feeling too well to be honest, and when I woke up I was sure I would end up spending the whole day in bed cuddling my cat. However, on the third Sunday of October my tiny little village always organizes a tiny little autumn fair, held in a beautiful villa in the hills, and my mom’s embroidery group always holds an exhibition during this event, so, despite feeling kind of sick, I still really wanted to show my support. I decided to go early in the afternoon, when it would still be rather quiet and calm, have a look around and leave when it would start to get crowded. It was a great idea, and the fresh air and joyful atmosphere actually cheered me up and made me forget I was feeling unwell just a few hours before.


As soon as I arrived, my mom and I decided to go check out the food stands and we picked up some jam biscuits. They tasted so good that later in the evening my mom got home with a whole bag full of them. After checking out my mom’s exhibition and saying hi to the people I knew, I walked around a little, enjoying the nice autumnal weather. Throughout most of October we had warm summery days, but on Sunday the air finally started feeling chilly in the loveliest way. Around the villa there were people playing traditional games, roasting chestnuts and sharing great food. Unfortunately, the weather started changing and getting very windy and cloudy around 3.30p.m. and people began leaving earlier than usual. Still, even if just for a couple of hours, it was nice to relax in such a beautiful place.



Walking down the hill to go back home I realised how much I have grown to love this town. It’s tiny and rural and there’s barely ever anything to do, but I feel at home here in ways that I had never expected to feel. I was born 200km away, in a different region, and throughout my teen years I always thought about going back there or moving as far away as possible from everything I knew. Today, however, I can’t even imagine myself growing roots anywhere else. It might be just a phase: chances are in a few years I might change my mind completely, but right now I want to keep this feeling of belonging, of being at home here, in this special place. I want to look at these hills and think “these are my hills“. After wanting to run away for so long, I want to believe no other place on Earth could make me feel as happy as this teeny tiny village does.



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