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A Korean skincare routine for autumnal weekends | Rituals

Good morning guys and welcome back 🙂

Last week was especially stressful for me, with university, work and life in general getting suddenly very overwhelming. I am proud of myself, because one way or another I still managed to get through it and get everything done, but once the weekend came around I was feeling nothing but exhausted and worn out. In moments like those, one of the things I enjoy doing to relax is to take the morning off, lock myself in the bathroom and forget for an hour that the rest of the world even exists.

I am usually really bad at keeping up with a proper skincare routine, and on school days it’s already a lot if I manage to use a cleanser and a moisturizer. On weekends, however, I find it really relaxing to take out my favourite products and chill in front of the mirror, trying to bring my skin back to life. It doesn’t erase the stress, but it still keeps my mind busy for a while. And let’s admit it: sometimes a face mask has the incredible power of tricking you into believing you actually have your life together and you’re nailing the adulting game, am I right? 😉

Today I want to share the morning ritual I indulge myself in on Saturday or Sunday mornings, especially during the colder months.

Before starting, I should point out that I have incredibly sensitive skin. After trying out so many western products and brands and getting bad reactions and red patches from them, my friend (who’s Korean and a skincare junkie) sent me a few Korean products and suggested brands I should check out. It was love at first try, and I have been loving them ever since. I feel like Korean skincare is a lot more delicate and works better on my skin. Of course, I am no dermatology expert, and I might have just had bad luck with anything else, but I am pointing this out as an explanation as to why most of my skincare revolves around Korean products.


Step 0. Nature RepublicAloe vera soothing & moisture cleansing gel cream

I am calling this “step 0” because I don’t always do it, only on days when I have been neglecting my skin for a while and I feel like I really need that double cleansing. Aloe vera is a lifesaver for people with sensitive skin, and Nature Republic has one of the best aloe-based lines I have tried. The cleansing gel cream is light and fresh and I feel like it combines really well with the next product.

Step 1. OriginsCheeks and balances frothy face wash 

Origins is the only non-Korean brand I have bought from in the recent months, and it’s up there on the podium of my top three favourite brands ever. This is the face wash I have been using (err- trying to*) on a regular basis for almost a year. It’s very gentle and has a lovely creamy texture. It cleanses my skin without making it feel dry or dehydrated. It’s definitely on the expensive side, but after using it, I feel amazingly clean and fresh.

Step 2. InnisfreeJeju volcanic color clay mask [hydrating] 

I usually tend to stay as far from clay masks as I possibly can, cause the vast majority of them dries out my skin scarily fast, but not this one. I picked it up after hearing many amazing things about Innisfree as a brand and about this particular line of face masks, and it honestly blew my mind. While I was expecting to end up with annoying and itchy red patches, I was so surprised to see how glowy and healthy my skin looked when I washed it off. There are seven  different masks in the line, each with a different solution to match your skin type and needs (brightening, refining, purifying, and so on). I have only ever tried the hydrating one, but I believe each of them is worth a go.

Step 3. Skinfood – Peach cotton toner

My friend sent me a bunch of these mini freebies, but once they’re gone I’ll definitely purchase the big bottle as well. Besides having a fantastic scent, this toner gives such a beautiful bright and glowy effect to my skin and it just makes it look so nice and healthy. Instead of putting it on a cotton pad, I use my hands and patpatpat it (as another friend suggested) on my skin until it all gets absorbed.

Step 4. Mizon – Snail repair eye cream 

Back in May, I had some really bad stress-caused dry patches around my eyes and I was desperately looking for something to get rid of them. I picked up this cream after hearing lots of good reviews and it was probably one of the best purchases of 2018 skincare-wise. I am not joking when I say that I put it on on a Thursday morning and again at night, and when I woke up the next day the oh so annoying dry patches were completely gone. I am not sure how much it does for dark circles, but it’s incredible when it comes to hydration. So much that, now that it has become colder, I am using it on other dry areas of my face as well.

Step 5. Origins – Drink up intensive overnight mask to quench skin’s thirst 

If I am just having a chill day at home, I’ll usually end my routine with a sheet mask. However, last weekend I was feeling like I needed something thicker and creamy, so I decided to use a night mask instead. This one from Origins has been my favourite for months: it smells incredible and really leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated. It says on the back of the packaging that it’s “deeply satisfying”… and I can 100% confirm it is!

Have your tried any Korean skincare products? What products are your favourite? 🙂

7 thoughts on “A Korean skincare routine for autumnal weekends | Rituals

  1. I’ve never tried Korean skin / beauty products! I have been thinking about it though but there’s so much out there that it gets overwhelming and I don’t get anything at all. That is good to hear it works for you! I really want to try them now 🙂


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