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Reader’s block: how to overcome it

I am in the midst of a severe reader’s block. It happens periodically, but it’s still a weird feeling considering how much I have read during the summer. That’s one thing about me I have noticed: I either read compulsively and get through 6 books a month, or don’t read anything at all for weeks.

Today I have decided to list down my top tips to overcome your reader’s block, hoping they’ll be useful to some of you and help you find pleasure in reading again 😊


Try short stories or poetry: they are usually less demanding and easier to keep up with. There are a lot of great collections and, being short by definition, you’ll be done with them a lot faster than you would with novels. This, I believe, helps kick away that frustrating feeling of never being able to finish a book we all feel when we are in the midst of a block.

Read something written by your favourite author: we all have that one author we really love and whose works resonate with us in a special way. Try picking up one of their books, even one that you have already read, and see if it helps find that reading enthusiasm you seem to have lost.

Try audiobooks: I am not a big audiobook fan, because I feel like I can’t properly concentrate and follow the story if I am not reading the actual words on a page. However, many many people are the exact opposite and find audiobooks perfect for when they find it hard to focus. If you have never tried them, I definitely recommend giving them a go: they might be exactly what you need to dive back into your reading habit.

Go to your local public library or your favourite book shop: I find that being surrounded by books is often therapeutical. If you are, like me, an avid book lover, I am sure you know how peaceful it feels to sit in a room full of books or walk down aisles of shelves. Personally, it gives me a sense of excitement that makes me want to instantly pick up a book and start reading, which is why I think it can be a great way to cure your reader’s block.

Check out bookbloggers, booktubers or bookstagrammers’ recommendations: hearing someone talk excitedly about a book might start that spark you have lost and make you want to read again. At the same time, finding out new titles is also useful: maybe the books you have at home simply aren’t the right ones for this specific moment.

Take a break: sometimes reader’s blocks are simply the consequence of a busy and stressful period. Reading is usually a way to escape reality and it’s especially comforting when life gets overwhelming. However, there are times when we just have too much on our mind or too many things to take care of and there’s no room left in our mind to keep up with a story. Take a break: once things get calmer, you’ll naturally go back to your books and find joy in reading again. Remember that reading is meant to be fun and relaxing, so don’t stress too much if you just can’t do it for a while.

What do you guys usually do when you’re going through a bad reader’s block? 🙂

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