A little stationery haul | new planner!

Good morning everyone and happy Monday!

As a new week is starting and we are getting closer to September, I want to share a little #BackToSchool (or back to uni?) haul. As I talked about in one of my previous posts (click here to read it), I will be starting a master’s degree in October. Being kind of terrified at the thought, I decided to at least try make things a little less scary by going stationery shopping and filling my bag of cute and adorable things.

7Tk022Sl.jpgThe most important thing I picked up is indeed my new planner. I am not the best at being organized, I usually work on impulse and end up being stressed and frustrated, which is something I really want to work on. When I started my undergraduate degree and everything was so new and confusing, I remember keeping a planner helped me feel less lost, so as I am back in the same situation I naturally felt like I totally needed a new one for this year. The one I bought is from the brand Mr. Wonderful, which my friend introduced me to last winter and I have basically spent months trying to talk myself out of buying every single thing they release. In case you have never heard about it, you should definitely check out their website – but don’t blame me if you end up broke afterwards! I warned you 😉

The planner I chose is the classic weekly oU3NzC7Kone. The cover has a lovely design that says “The 1200 things I will manage to do“, which is obviously the kind of motivation we all need. The pages are beautifully decorated, and it also comes with 8 pages of cute stickers and even sticky notes (click here to see the pictures)! It’s surely the most expensive planner I have ever bought (it was 19.95€), but the quality is so good I don’t regret spending that much money at all. What’s really adorable is that every page includes cute illustrations and every day has a little inspirational quote to help you keep a positive mindset. Now let’s hope I will be able to use it regularly and have a less chaotic life!

Moving onto random stationery pieces, my parents went on a work trip to China at the beginning of the month and came back this past Tuesday with way too many little presents for me. I asked my mom if she could buy me stickers, and she took my request very seriously *giggles*. These are just some of the things she came home with.

My favourite, besides the cute kitty sticky notes (anything cat themed is automatically a favourite for me), is the notebook, which is so nicely designed (on the inside too) that I feel like I will not be able to actually write in it in fear I’ll ruin it. Or maybe I will end up using it for the scariest class of all (international economics, the ultimate nightmare) to try sweeten it?! We shall see 🙂

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