The beginning

I am starting this blog in a moment of my life that I can only describe as “weird”. I used to have another blog years ago, but I stopped updating it due to health problems and I ended up taking it down, because when I went back to look at what I had first posted I could barely recognise myself in those words. I feel like I have changed a lot in the past few years, and I need to start anew.

I graduated university eight months ago and I’ll be going to graduate school this autumn. Recently I have been spending my time writing for a couple of magazines, getting stressed out over family issues and generally just trying to figure out where to go from here and what to do with my life. To be completely honest, I still have no idea.

I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for nine years. In this difficult time, where my messed up mental health is teaming up daily with the pressures of adulting, I wanted a safe place where to share my thoughts and experiences and be open about what it’s like to live with anxiety. I feel like a lot of people go through the same struggles as me, but I also know we all usually feel lonely and hopeless, because our society often doesn’t understand that mental disorders are very much real and absolutely terrible, and simply labels people who suffer from them as “lazy”, “sad” or “weak”.

I’m starting this blog to talk about how I live with anxiety, both in the good and in the bad times, sharing my interests and passions (books, music, endless trips to cafes and flower shops) that somehow help me cope with all of this, and share how I’m slowly learning to take care of myself. Acknowledging my limits, and trying to overcome them at the same time.


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